There are a number of positions available in a number of the sub-committees. If you would like to be part of the 2020 event or know more about the positions, please come along to our monthly meeting or drop us an email. Everyone is welcome.

  • Executive Committee:

    Secretary: 2 yrs

    Vice Secretary: 1 yr

  • Programming: Vice 3 yrs

  • Vice Accountability: 3 yrs

  • Website: 3 yrs – Vice 2 yrs

  • Stewarding: 3 yrs – Vice 2 yrs

  • Vice Audiovisual: 2 yrs

  • Vice Literature: 2 yrs

  • Venue Management: 3 yrs

  • Vice Venue Management: 2 yrs

  • Vice Registration: 3 yrs


  • Working knowledge of the twelve steps, traditions and concepts.

  • Willingness to do service, work hard, and motivate others.

  • Ability to deal effectively with people inside/outside the fellowship.

  • Demonstrated trustworthiness, especially where funds are concerned.

  • Ability to manage deadlines.

  • Good organisational skills.

There are clean time requirements for all the committee positions - please email us for details - but less so for on the day service and volunteering.


WE Meet

The committee meet in the ground floor conference room. First Wednesday of each month for a 7pm start. 

Gordon Hospital (Ground floor),
Bloomburg Street, 
London, SW1V 2RH

Next meeting:
Wednesday 2nd October 2019