2018 Boat Party - Friday 14th December 2018

Tickets going fast

To ensure a ticket for this event, please click on this link and purchase online as there’s a maximum capacity on the boat and we don’t want to leave anyone behind.

The Vallula will push off at 8pm from Festival Pier (SE1 8XZ).

2019 Convention - Love, Life and Community

We’re currently planning the 2019 Convention and the additional events surrounding the weekend. If you would like to be involved, adding your experience, expertise or time, please do get in touch via the contact email address. Available service positions are listed here.

Please come back for further information including on the day ticket purchases and detailed programming.


As part of our programme this year, we were proud to deliver a flavour of the London Convention spirit, via live broadcasts from the main stage, to the comfort of your home.  We understand the need to carry the message to those addicts who are unable to travel to London for whatever reason; distance, logistics, disability, or other personal circumstances. We accomplished this with the help, knowledge and support of the UKNA website and online meeting team. This project brought together a range of skills from across the fellowship and is solid evidence that 'Together We Can'.  Our aim is to leverage that knowledge and experience, extend our reach, and make everyone feel just that bit little closer.

2018 total clean time

Thank you to everyone who attended in person, listened in on our first-ever live broadcasts, and did service; together we all made this event possible. The official number of people who attended over three days, totalled 1,285 and their collective clean time represents 7,067 years, 10 months, and 26 days of recovery.

2019 programme

The final printed version of the programme will be available to download to your pc, tablet or phone nearer the date of the convention.

We'd love to hear about your experience, special moments or events that you particularly enjoyed from past convention. Feel free to contribute you own ideas or suggestions, with the view to improving the event for future visitors.